Elections: The Ultimate Fight for Your Rights

Our freedom is our greatest right granted by Almighty God. Without it, what will we do?  We exercise and protect this freedom by participating in free and fair elections. Two years ago, we were energy independent, we had a strong military, and our pre-COVID economy was booming. We had a secure border, our enemies, China and Russia, were held at bay, and we, as a people, were prosperous and free. Now, we are being ruled by government and corporate partnerships, which limit our freedoms. Mussolini once said, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”  We are certainly seeing more of this partnership and less freedom for "we the people."

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ACRU Action Board Member Ken Blackwell: Legislators, not jurists, are responsible for vote integrity

“In Pennsylvania, there was a clear violation of Article II of Constitution that gives authority to state legislatures to set the calendar and electoral rules for the state’s voters - not the state judiciary, not the Governor, and not the Secretary of State. In other states, liberal lawsuits waved through by liberal judges usurped the power of the people by dismantling vote security measures passed by their state legislators. This must be corrected, and state legislative bodies must reclaim their authority to protect voters against fraud, political criminals and activist judges that overreach. A recent article from The Federalist, noted below, provides a few simple steps legislators can take to ensure the integrity of the election process.”


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