It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference in This Election

t is almost that time — November  8 — election day. In many states, early voting is already underway. There are 35 states with early voting now, with more than 7 million votes already cast. It is not too late to register to allow your vote to be heard for one of the most anticipated election seasons in modern history. Find your local supervisor of elections on our voter information center and get registered here.

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Ed Meese and Ken Blackwell: The Most Despicable Form of Vote Fraud

We celebrate patriotic senior citizens and the invaluable contributions they have made to the financial strength and fundamental freedoms we enjoy as Americans. In turn, we must take every action to ensure the integrity and intent of our seniors’ political choices at a time when they are at risk to be targets of vote fraud. We are calling on fellow Americans to demonstrate their gratitude and respect for seniors by helping to protect the sanctity of their votes.

ACRU’s Roman Discusses Efforts to Protect Vulnerable Voters with Cleta Mitchell on Who’s Counting Podcast

In the run-up to the 2020 elections, American Constitutional Rights Union created an important outreach program to senior citizens and senior residential facilities that brought attention to fraud, voter manipulation, and undue influence in voting by political operatives and facilities staff. Truly a form of elderly abuse, many cases of stolen and manipulated senior ballots have been reported to ACRU as it continues its important project and expands to other groups of vulnerable voters. Cleta and Lori discuss what actions seniors themselves, their families, facility directors, election officials, state legislators, and most importantly — concerned citizens — can take to ensure the authenticity and integrity of every senior vote.


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