Having Each Others Backs…

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall and permanently changed the lives of those living in southwest Florida.  It was my privilege to reach out on behalf of the Committee to Support and Defend to assist military families affected by the storm.  

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What Could We Accomplish with Over 1 Million Votes?

In 2020, only 47% of active servicemembers voted in the election. With 2.2 million military all branches in 2020, well over a million military members didn’t participate. In this midterm election, more veteran candidates are running for Congress than at any time since 2012. Imagine what we could accomplish by bumping the military voting rate to 60 or even 80%.

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A Season of Hope

We are starting to see a great movement building across our country. Constitutionally-minded citizens are getting involved in their cities and towns. More and more people are taking the initiative to participate in city, county commissioner and local school board meetings. We are hearing of those who are purposefully involved in voter integrity and volunteering to be poll workers or watchers.

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We Took an Oath That Has No Expiration Date

Committee to Support and Defend members are veterans and military members who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution. And we know that oath has no expiration date. Our federal government has been overstepping its constitutional boundaries with frightening predictability. That is precisely why we must be even more involved in our communities in order to save the country from encroaching authoritarianism.

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We’re Approaching the 10-Meter Target

We are rapidly approaching what a close friend of mine would call the 10-meter target — the November mid-term elections. Many veterans I’ve talked with are concerned with our election process. Many wonder if our votes count. Add in a general deep apathy regarding issues facing our nation, and some might consider the future grim indeed. Despite these concerns, the path forward is clear. We must get involved: locally and in the election process. Our intentional involvement and active voices can make a difference.

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We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

“We the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution but to overthrow the men who prevent the constitution.” — Abraham Lincoln. We, the people, must have rules, norms, and values that do not change with the times. We must hold to the American values that enabled the Constitution. The Revolutionary War started with disagreements between the colonists and the crown over governance. The colonists wanted to be treated like any other British citizen, with all the same rights and privileges. Times are different, but fundamentally, we are dealing with the same problem tackled by our Founders.

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Change is in the Wind

Where we are going is not completely clear to the masses, but apparently, we are making great time. We’ve seen a lot of changes since two years ago when gas was about $2.50 a gallon. Back then, we were supplying much of our own energy, even exporting it to other countries. We were implementing policies making it advantageous for industries and companies to come back to America. In short, we were growing economically.

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Your Courage Matters More Than Ever

Today is a new day! Today has opportunity as we step out our doors. We can get excited about the good things in our lives, our families and the positive wins we see all around us. It is easy to see things negatively in this season of American history. We must take stock in our blessings and cultivate a grateful spirit for what we have and who we are. We must intentionally raise our spirits because the last two years have been tough — COVID, vaccine mandates, and the push for critical race theory in every aspect of our country — including the military.

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Captains Call: It’s Time to Live Free

Remember, freedom is not free! Remember the words of John Adams, “We cannot squander liberty or the time we’ve been given as free men and women.” Have you noticed in our country an uptick in tyranny and throughout the world an uptick in totalitarianism? We must stand against this! We must speak out and not remain silent! We must get involved locally where we live! We the people must stop this! We need courage! Take heart!

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