Press Release: Who’s a Mega MAGA Republican?


ACRU Staff


April 26, 2023


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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

Who’s a Mega MAGA Republican?

As it turns out, everyone who disagrees with the left’s narrative.

Naples, FL — “Now that we know Joe Biden will be announcing a campaign for reelection, I must ask, how many times will we hear Democrats, progressive socialist leftists, drone on about Mega MAGA Republicans?”

In his most recent TownHall OpEd, ACRU Executive Director Allen West asks this and the true meaning of “mega MAGA Republican.”

“Most recently, Jeffries blamed extreme MAGA Republicans for the piece of legislation to protect women’s sports. In other words, if you support the idea that women athletes should compete against women — not biological males — then you are a Mega MAGA Republican, an extremist. Well, I think Jeffries and the Democrats are about to find out that they are making folks out to be something they are not. How can it be extremist to believe that women should not be forced to lose scholarships, or be in shower facilities, with biological males? Yes, making America great again does mean we stand up for Women’s rights, especially Title IX. When did that become something that deserved to be targeted by a seemingly denigrating, demeaning, and disparaging label?”

West continues, “I suppose those of us who are hard-working individuals, who have done all the right things in building our credit rating, are now what White House mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre would call the MAGA wing of the Republican Party.”

The bottom line? If you disagree with these progressive socialist leftist policies, then you are castigated as a Mega MAGA Republican extremist.

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