It’s About Time the Military Vaccine Mandate Ended. Now What?


ACRU Staff


January 18, 2023

As of January 5, 2023, the tyrannical vaccine mandate for the United States military has been removed, according to the Pentagon. This is one of the requirements of the recent NDAA authorization. I praise God for this breakthrough, yet there is still so much to be done for our amazing service members and their families.

Lloyd Austin wrote in a memorandum on 10 Jan, “The Military Departments will update the records of such individuals to remove any adverse actions solely associated with denials of such requests, including letters of reprimand,” Austin said in the memo. “The Secretaries of the Military Departments will further cease any ongoing reviews of current Service member religious, administrative, or medical accommodation requests solely for exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine or appeals of denials of such requests.”

This is all very good news for those on active duty, and I celebrate the end of this mandate. My concern also is for the thousands of discharged military members who were given a general or dishonorable discharge. Will they be able to re-enlist or come back into the military? What about the thousands of people who have suffered as a result of the vaccine? We know now, because of the (DMED) Defense Medical Epidemiological Database, that the COVID shots have impacted hundreds if not thousands of service members. Reported incidents of cancer, neurological and other problems have increased by 600 percent. Now that the truth about these shots is being exposed worldwide, who will be held accountable?

When will they do the right thing for our service members? See video evidence from Senator Ron Johnson’s roundtable with leading expert medical testimony to learn more.

We each can make a difference! Please reach out to your Senators and Congressmen. We must reinstate those who this current administration has purged. At the Committee to Support and Defend, we stand with those who have defended freedom. We believe that our oath to the U.S. constitution has not expired. We need your voice, and we need your help for freedom’s sake.



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