Real Change Begins at Home


Jonathan Dobbs


January 12, 2023

“All politics is local.”

Tip O’Neill

This week I was able to attend my local City Commissioner’s meeting.  The City Commissioners voted in November and December, once for and once against, having prayer included in the meeting.  At this time, they are not having prayer incorporated based on the past precedent and the previous votes made.  It propelled me to think, “How do we begin fixing or working on any of the issues in our city without the wisdom of Almighty God?”  This meeting showed me how confused government is, even at the local level.  I was convicted and encouraged I needed to be more involved in my own city government.

This meeting had nearly 100 people voicing support for prayer in the meetings.  The commissioners had their own agenda and their own way of seeing things, of course.  If we, who are people of conservative values which come from our faith in God, do not get involved locally, we cannot expect the federal or state government to see good reforms.  I believe this is on the local churches, local believers and like-minded citizens to live out these biblical values by getting involved locally.

This is a call to action in this new year.  Will you get involved in your City Commissioner’s meetings?  Will we take personal responsibility for these meetings this year?  Will we take the time to learn about the issues in our cities?  At the Committee to Support and Defend, we believe that our oath to support and defend the Constitution has not expired.  We need active military, veterans, and patriotic Americans involved locally; will you step up and join?



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The Committee to Support and Defend is a project of the American Constitutional Rights Union.

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