Merry Christmas! ‘Tis the Season for Helping Our Military and Veteran Families


Jonathan Dobbs


December 23, 2022

It is Christmas! The most wonderful celebration of Jesus Christ coming into the world!  His mission was to save those He deeply loved who were lost.  All of humanity is lost and in need of saving.  All throughout the Bible, we see a story of rescue for those who could not save themselves.  He made a way of rescue and salvation for those who would believe in Him.  He helped us in the most profound way, and he taught us to love others the way He loves us.

In this season, the Committee to Support and Defend has been able to help a number of military families in that same spirit of love.  Just a few examples of the military members who are so very grateful for the support we have given include:

Ronald, an Army National Guard member, had damages to his home, food loss, and loss of pay due to Hurricane Ian greatly affecting his family.

Jonathan, an NCO in the Army National Guard, and his wife were displaced by the hurricane and sustained damages to their home, vehicle, and property.

Saul, as mentioned in a previous newsletter, has also been displaced by the hurricane.  He and his family are still trying to put life back together.  He is still in need of financial help as he waits for his insurance company to pay for their home to be restored.  This is a lengthy process, and the insurance company has not paid for their rebuild yet.

At the Committee to Support and Defend, we love active duty, veteran, and patriotic families.  We, as a grassroots network, can make a difference in their lives, we can help them where they are.  Please consider an action step to donate to CSD in order to help military families like these during this holiday season.  They are so grateful for your help in their time of need.

Captain Jonathan Dobbs



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