It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference in This Election


Jonathan Dobbs


October 27, 2022

It is almost that time — November  8 — election day. In many states, early voting is already underway. There are 35 states with early voting now, with more than 7 million votes already cast. It is not too late to register to allow your vote to be heard for one of the most anticipated election seasons in modern history. Find your local supervisor of elections on our voter information center and get registered here.

We have some exciting news! Our very own American Constitutional Rights Union has joined forces with the Association of Mature Its Citizens (AMAC). AMAC and its AMAC Action advocacy team will be working with ACRU and ACRU Action to ensure that senior voters are heard and protected. ACRU has been the nation’s leading advocate for the protection of vulnerable voters since 2020. Please visit the Center for Vulnerable Voters for more information and helpful resources.

ACRU’s Senior Citizen Voter Bill of Rights has been used by many facilities across the country. And ACRU’s guide for citizens and family members who wish to protect the rights of vulnerable voters has been the cornerstone of the organization’s nationwide training. Because AMAC is focused squarely on protecting the interests of America’s seniors, these resources will now be in the hands of AMAC members.

Join the movement at the Committee to Support and Defend, where our military, veteran, and patriotic voices are making a difference locally and nationally, one person and one vote at a time, especially in the area of protecting vulnerable voters in their communities.



Join the Committee to Support and Defend


Please support the courageous veterans who are continuing to fulfill their oath to protect our country. 100 percent of donations received for the Committee will be used to promote military voices and protect the U.S. Constitution for future generations. Your support means so much to those efforts. Thank you and may God continue to bless and protect the United States of America.

The Committee to Support and Defend is a project of the American Constitutional Rights Union.

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