We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight


Jonathan Dobbs


August 1, 2022

“We the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution but to overthrow the men who prevent the constitution.” — Abraham Lincoln.

We, the people, must have rules, norms, and values that do not change with the times. We must hold to the American values that enabled the Constitution.

The Revolutionary War started with disagreements between the colonists and the crown over governance. The colonists wanted to be treated like any other British citizen, with all the same rights and privileges.

Times are different, but fundamentally, we are dealing with the same problem tackled by our Founders. Our leaders are functioning autonomously like kings. They do not submit to, or respect, the laws of this great land. They feel they are a law unto themselves. Circumstance after circumstance demonstrates they are somehow above the law, like some kind of elected royalty.

They spend trillions of dollars against the will of “we, the people.” They open the borders to foreign invasion without a care for our sovereignty as a nation. They mandate a “vaccine” that is not a vaccine and force our military to submit under the penalty of forcible separation. They don’t care what we want or what we think.

Simply put? Our elected officials consider us as the British did the original colonists. They look at us with disdain like cattle to be fattened and consumed.

We, the people, must stand against all forms of tyranny. That is what we did when we took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. We must fight tyranny anywhere we find it, especially here in America.

We must make our voices heard at all levels of government until it stops! Imagine what would happen if each of us called our congressman or senator every day for a month. We have not begun to stand up against this.


Join the movement at the Committee to Support and Defend today and continue to honor the oath we all pledged to the Constitution.



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