Change is in the Wind


ACRU Staff


July 27, 2022

Where we are going is not completely clear to the masses, but apparently, we are making great time. We’ve seen a lot of changes since two years ago when gas was about $2.50 a gallon. Back then, we were supplying much of our own energy, even exporting it to other countries. We were implementing policies making it advantageous for industries and companies to come back to America. In short, we were growing economically.

That has all changed. Now we are seeing a 9.1 percent consumer inflation rate. It’s becoming harder for working-class families to make ends meet without getting a second job or dipping into savings. Our enlisted military force is disproportionately affected greatly by all of this “progress” and change.

This change has a name: the great reset. This is a plan architected by a man named Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Perhaps the most concerning part of this change is our own president is pushing his version under a similar brand — the liberal world order. This is a bit hard to understand since America stands for freedom, liberty for all, and the rule of law. Our own leadership has embraced this communist ideology and, in direct contradiction to the operation of our constitutional republic, has just decided to implement this change without a single bill or a single vote.

This is the reason gas is at least $5.00 a gallon. This is why the Fed interest rates are climbing. This is why everything is getting more expensive. This is not “good” change if you’re an American consumer or freedom-loving citizen.

Biden administration National Economic Council Director, Brian Deese recently admitted to this strategy on a recent CNN interview while explaining President Biden’s remarks about the American people having to endure high fuel prices for as long as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues. “What you heard from the president today is a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the liberal world order, and we have to stand firm.”

In essence, what Brian Deese was expressing is an appeal to “just deal with” the pain required to create a liberal world order, better known as the progressive socialist Marxist ideological agenda.

The president and others in his cabinet believe we must endure the changes his administration has allowed (or caused) because a liberal world order is coming, and embracing these painful changes are necessary! The question we need to ask is simple. Do we want this change? We certainly did not vote for a new world order. This type of totalitarianism needs to be fought!

There is hope, but we must band together and stand against this! The Committee to Support and Defend Action provides a voice for our military members, veterans, and concerned citizens to fight this liberal world order and remind lawmakers whom they work for.

Please consider joining the fight by becoming a member today!



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