Your Courage Matters More Than Ever


ACRU Staff


July 8, 2022

Today is a new day! Today has opportunity as we step out our doors. We can get excited about the good things in our lives, our families and the positive wins we see all around us. It is easy to see things negatively in this season of American history. We must take stock in our blessings and cultivate a grateful spirit for what we have and who we are.

We must intentionally raise our spirits because the last two years have been tough — COVID, vaccine mandates, and the push for critical race theory in every aspect of our country — including the military.

This politicization of the military has made us weak, leading to our utter failure in Afghanistan, handing over billions of guns, military equipment, and aircraft. Now we are caught up in Ukraine, spinning our wheels while millions invade our country via our southern border. It feels like we have a new crisis every day. We are living in truly unique times.

It seems like an inside job — an intentional meltdown of America. In times like these, we need to slow down, take a breather and think. The right way ahead deals with common sense, the common good, and looking out for our community, neighbors and family. Our government seems to no longer function for the good of the American people. The main function now is greed, corruption, and a never-ending quest for total power.

We, the people, are at a crossroads. The social contract has been broken. The government no longer acts on behalf of the common good.

We, as concerned citizens and veterans, must take action. In an age of apathy, when most desire not to get involved, we must stand and focus! We must get off the couch and engage our local county commission, school board, and local or state politicians to speak our minds.

These actions can make a difference in future elections. We can vote in new representatives if we get just five percent more people to vote in any election. We can win this ideological war!

In the words of Dr. Naomi Wolf, “We were a decent, inclusive culture that respected other people’s boundaries and freedoms… and now a CCP-Style cruelty is something that we tolerate.” We always become what we tolerate.

At this time, we need more than any other time in our history to have courage. We need a unified commitment. We need to fight the cowardice that we see in our culture, in the church, in the institutions, and the military.

We must take courage and do the right thing even if it costs us at work or at home. Why? Freedom is not free! Liberty is not automatic. We must fight this spirit of cowardice, stop the personal desire not to get involved, and take courage to stand for liberty and freedom.

We need people of character with eyes on the process in our local polling stations as poll workers and watchers. My fellow veterans and Americans, we cannot afford not to get involved! Would you consider being a poll worker this election cycle? We need you involved locally! Now is the time! We must stop this great evil so that we and our families remain free. Will you please consider signing up for poll working / poll watching in your local county? You can get more information here. Let’s get after it!



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