Remember, freedom is not free! Remember the words of John Adams, “We cannot squander liberty or the time we’ve been given as free men and women.”

Have you noticed in our country an uptick in tyranny and throughout the world an uptick in totalitarianism?

We must stand against this! We must speak out and not remain silent! We must get involved locally where we live! We the people must stop this! We need courage! Take heart!

In America, there’s a spirit of apathy and unwillingness to get involved, and I hate to say it, but cowardice! We must stop this. It starts with you and me. What will we do today to preserve freedom?

Join the movement — subscribe to our newsletter here at the Committee to Support and Defend, where we fight for liberty and freedom. We provide a voice to our active service members. We mobilize veterans as they continue to honor their oath to support and defend the US Constitution.  

We must be engaged in our local county level! Please consider signing up to be up election worker. We need concerned citizens, veterans, and active duty service members. Get connected to your state using our reference map here.

Let’s get after it! Live Free!