A Call To Action! Our Freedom and Liberty are at Stake!


Jonathan Dobbs


April 29, 2022

I have come to this incredible opportunity to lead the Committee to Support and Defend as a prior service enlisted member, a line officer, and a protestant chaplain. It has been one of my greatest honors to serve in the US Air Force. After a small gap in military service, my family and I were in full-time ministry overseas and in country, we returned back on active duty because I love serving in the military and we as a family love military families! I love my Lord Jesus Christ, I love our country, and I love our flag full stop. One of my hopes and dreams was to finish my military career and retire. I was non-voluntarily discharged by the Air Force in the Purge soon after the vaccine mandates. This mostly applies to those of us who have strongly held religious beliefs. This is what is happening in our military by the hundreds of thousands.

Current situation

Now to the business at hand. The age we live in is one of lawlessness! We have laws and we have those that are supposed to enforce and create laws as well as the judicial process yet there is little justice. The laws regularly are not enforced, then if they are it is only for certain people. Only certain people have to obey the law in this new age. Then, we have lawmakers who turn a blind eye to the laws already on the books. They are further enforced by judges at all levels who either fear following the law or intentionally disregard it. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes. This is a sad state of affairs, which can and does lead to a downward spiral lending itself to chaos, lawlessness and all kinds of evil.

There is Hope

We live in a unique time in history! All of us could have been born in the 1800s, but we were not. We have been born for such a time as this! I am calling all Veterans! We need to mobilize, to stand up, wake up, get involved in our local community and make a difference. I do not pretend to tell you what to do, you are needed! You are valuable! We can no longer check out and trust people are doing what they should. In the words of Ronald Reagan, we must “Trust but verify” people and governmental systems are doing the right thing in the interests of the American people.

The Committee to Support and Defend wants to help you get more involved in all things that affect your freedoms at the local level. Things like the PTA, the local chamber of commerce, and local and state politics. We need people of character on the local city councils! We need poll watchers / poll workers and those looking out for vulnerable voters! We have given our oath, to support and defend the constitution against enemies, foreign or domestic. I am asking all veterans and patriots to join this effort in a fresh way, because together we are a sleeping giant. This is for such a time as this, this is for the generations to come, because we have been given a sacred trust to rescue our republic. And may almighty God help us and lead us in this great and mighty effort! As they said during 9-11, LET’S ROLL!

Please pray for our country daily and the efforts of CSD. Please tune in for our monthly webinars starting. We’ll keep you up to date with these emails. Please visit our website as we update it and get involved! In the weeks ahead we will be sharing more practical ways to engage in this effort with us as we labor together to take actionable steps to save our country because it is in peril. There is no place that has freedom like our country. A constitutional republic is precious!

Jonathan Dobbs, Project Director



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Please support the courageous veterans who are continuing to fulfill their oath to protect our country. 100 percent of donations received for the Committee will be used to promote military voices and protect the U.S. Constitution for future generations. Your support means so much to those efforts. Thank you and may God continue to bless and protect the United States of America.

The Committee to Support and Defend is a project of the American Constitutional Rights Union.

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